Back From My Hiatus!

26 Apr

After being MIA for the past two weeks, I have returned!

My ten days in New York were one of the most insightful time periods in my life. Although it’s been nice being at home in the Bay Area (keeping busy with my Eduventurist Project, reading books, meeting with people in the Bay, etc.), the experience of removing myself from an environment I am used to has once again contributed tremendously to the development of my perspective, opinions, and insights on life.

Before I arrived in New York, I contacted several people  that I had identified as being important thought-leaders and culture creators for the project, as well as for my own learning journey. Many of them are people that I have followed for quite a while, who I have come across in articles, random internet searches, and suggestions/references from other people.

I’ve had various friends ask me, “so how do you end up being able to get in touch with these people? Are they really willing to meet with you?” I’ve responded with the following piece of advice that I’ve come to realize: people want to and even enjoy helping out and sharing their wisdom and advice, especially if you are young, and especially if you have a clear purpose that ends up helping others along the way as well. Many people we admire have been in positions of confusion and angst about what they want to do with their life, their future, and how to navigate the traditional structures that tend to prevent us from doing what we are passionate about. From what people have told me, the ability to pass on the lessons they learned to someone else in that position is valuable to them as the advice-giver.

I think that part of being an Eduventurist is being creative in engineering ways for opportunities to become available to you. Don’t think you have to go the traditional routes for coming into contact with people you admire (i.e. career services offices, formal mentorship programs, etc.), and instead look for routes that are open but have not been utilized by the masses and distinguish yourself as someone that another person would want to meet with. I can’t reiterate enough to my peers and friends that in forging my own path and designing my own project, I have learned so much. Not only from my own research and design of the project, but from the people and mentors that are interested in the project and want to help.

Additionally, in this interconnected day in age of social networks, it’s become relatively easy to track people down and get in touch through email, social media sites, and other webs of networks. If you are a young person struggling in one way or another with what you want to do with your life, yet you admire someone and what they do in their own life, contact them and ask about the possibility of talking with them. Of course if you wanted to get in contact with Bill Gates or President Obama, it wouldn’t be so simple, but there as so many interesting people that are more accessible than you would think.

Now that I’ve been able to get my bearings after my whirlwind of activity in the past three weeks, I will be putting up interviews and posts that came out of that trip. Trust me, every single person I met with is awesome and worth hearing from!


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