En Route to NYC!

8 Apr

I am currently thousands of feet above land right now, taking advantage of the Wi-Fi capability of my flight to New York City! After an exhausting week preparing for this trip, I actually overslept and almost missed my flight (the first time that has ever happened to me!), but that’s another story.

One of the reasons I am taking this trip is to further network, meet with, and interview people and organizations that can add to The Eduventurist Project. It seems like the bulk of current innovation efforts in education (within the US) are happening on the coasts. As I am a West-Coaster, I have been able to meet with several great people already (I actually attended a “Re-Imagining Higher Ed” workshop last night, which I will be posting about soon!), but I want to visit the East Coast and check out what’s going on over there 🙂

I already have several interviews scheduled, but I am looking for more! If you know of anyone to suggest, please let me know of anyone or anything that comes to mind. I would really appreciate the connection. I’m particularly looking for (1) people working in the field of re-defining or transforming education, (2) Individuals their own interesting eduventure or life/career path, or (3) Interesting organizations or events relating to this topic.

Send feedback to eduventurist@gmail.com, or as a comment on this post!


P.S. A new profile coming soon on Anna Wohlesser, check out her own blog here!


2 Responses to “En Route to NYC!”

  1. sophie April 8, 2011 at 8:30 pm #

    dude, harrison is in the city- you should contact him! let me know if you need his numero!
    ❤ you're a rockstar, btw.

  2. Weezie April 9, 2011 at 1:47 am #

    I forgot he was here! Definitely send me his number through Facebook or something.

    Eres un “super-estrella” tambien! Skype muy pronto?

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