Great Video from Skillshare

5 Apr

My good friend and freshman year roommate Sophie (who just transferred from our private school to a well-regarded public school of lower cost, Evergreen State College) just posted on my Facebook wall: ‎”‘According to the New York Times, student loan debt has officially surpassed credit card debt as the leading source of debt in the United States.” woah.”

This fact was reiterated by a great new video created by Skillshare, a start-up in New York founded by Mike Karnjanaprakorn, an entrepreneur I have quoted in an earlier post. Skillshare is a “marketplace to learn anything from anyone.” Their website goes on to say, “our mission is to flip the traditional notion of education on its head and democratize learning. We are challenging the assumption that learning only occurs within the four walls of a classroom. Instead, we’ll tap into existing communities and networks, which are the world’s largest universities.” It’s organizations like Skillshare that I am discovering and drawing inspiration from, created by visionaries working to create a new society where learning is meaningful and genuinely beneficial, and things like student debt, busywork, and industrial models of learning and teaching no longer exist. Actually, I will be attending a Skillshare class on “How to Travel Around the World” when I will be in New York next week, anyone in the New York area want to join me and check it out?!

Watch the great new video, titled “Let’s Start A Learning Revolution” (designed and built by The Cultivated Word):

P.S. New posts coming soon, including a profile and announcement on an upcoming learning/work trip I will be taking next week 🙂


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