Weekly TED Spotlight: Khan Academy

18 Mar

As part of my self-designed semester, I decided to watch various TED talks throughout the semester. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, and started out as an annual conference for idea-sharing. What’s great about TED is the fact that it is basically a free lecture on lots of various, mind-blowing new concepts and ideas, ranging from science to art to education.

My new idea is to have a weekly TED Spotlight! I’ll post the talk, and give a few of my own thoughts on whatever the topic is, but if the wider community of eduventurist readers feels like they want to contribute their two cents, please leave a comment! Hopefully we could generate some dialogue and see if a conversation starts (just like in a classroom, but maybe a tad bit cooler, as we can bring in people of all ages and backgrounds to talk about these various topics online).

The one I will post this week is about a new organization called Khan Academy.  It’s revolutionary. Brilliant. And I wish it had been available as I struggled through certain math problems, scientific concepts, and various other subjects in elementary, middle, and high school. As self-directed learning becomes more of a popular concept, tools such as this seem like they will be in high demand. Actually, this idea of watching TED videos and discussing them with a wider community of people is a bit similar to the fundamental idea of the Khan Academy!

Check it out in this recent TED talk the founder, Salman Khan, gave in early March (and don’t be shy, tell us what you think!)


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